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The International Sheep Veterinary Association is an international body of sheep veterinarians who seek to promote and improve the sheep industry and facilitate meetings and other scientific exchanges between members and individuals more>>

Australian Bushfires

The ISVA would like to support to our Australian colleagues who are battling to save livestock affected by the bush fires which are ravaging their country.

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) advise anyone can donate to the AVA Benevolent Fund, which helps the Australian veterinarians who are providing essential services to animals affected by the bush fires.

The fund is being used to help AVA members financially impacted by the fires ― and members doing pro-bono work in the bush fire response. You can donate at

Volunteering opportunity through the AVERT program for veterinarians / veterinary nurses

Veterinarians and veterinary nurses volunteering their time and skills to care for animals affected by the bushfires can apply through the AVERT program, operated by Vets Beyond Borders.

Veterinarians based outside of Australia, who are eligible for full or specialist registration in NSW must apply for registration in NSW to provide veterinary services in NSW. The AVERT Board will waive the registration fee for any veterinarians wishing to provide veterinary services for up to one month in NSW as a volunteer. The registration application fee ($140) still applies (unless this is a restoration to the register) and the veterinarian must volunteer their services through the AVERT program.


The World of Sheep and Goats

A global view of small ruminant production

Images and text submitted by delegates attending the 9th International Sheep Veterinary Congress.

The World of Sheep and Goats: A Global View of Small Ruminant Production

All profits from this book will go to the Karl Linklater Fund, which helps delegates from lower and middle income countries to attend the 10th International Sheep and Goat Veterinary Conference in Seville, Spain, in 2022.

10th International Sheep Veterinary Congress 2022, Seville, Spain