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Membership List

As of 04.07.2017

The country names in the table listed below are those countries who have joined the ISVA. Alongside each countries name are the number of votes they are entitled to as per the Constitution (IV Organisation, Section 5 Voting Powers) which is stated here again.

5. Voting Powers

At a General or Special Meeting, all member national organisations with a duly authorised representative will have one (1) vote. In addition, all member countries that have held an international congress will have an additional one (1) vote. All member countries with special interest groups which pertain to sheep shall be entitled to a further one (1) vote.

In the event of a voting tie at any meeting, the current chairman will have a casting vote. Private members, Associate members and Corporate members shall not be entitled to vote.

Countries Eligible to Vote Number of Votes
Australia 3
Greece 3
New Zealand 3
South Africa 3
United Kingdom 3
Brazil 2
Canada 2
Finland 2
France 2
Germany 2
Italy 2
Norway 2
Portugal 2
Spain 2
Belgium 1
Chile 1
Denmark 1
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Kenya 1
Netherlands 1
Sweden 1
Total 43